Flow for the Love of Water

“One of the things that became immediately clear to me was that water is a truly unifying element. We all need it; we all want it and more than anything else in the world it is the one thing that connects us all,” said Irena Salina. Irena Salina director of Flow humanized international water politics by revealing the industry behind water, the discrepancies between public health and private interest unveil issues of scarcity, pollution/contamination, corporate profit and human suffering. Understanding different individual’s relationship with nature’s most critical resource, to encompass the global freshwater crisis.

FLOW chronicles the stories of people fight for their right to water:  following a community of concerned citizens in Michigan as they take on a corporate water-bottling plant; showing the massive protests of the Bolivian people against water privatization; and documenting simple technology implemented across India to cope with water shortages. You may think that China, Bolivia, India, and Lesotho are far away but the issues that each has mentioned hits close to home. The Case of Atrazine usage being banned in Switzerland and used in the United States so only a glimpse into indirect impacts on Freshwater. Atrazine has been proven to cause male frogs to become female ( sperm counts dwindle, and ovaries appear).


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