Dogpatch’s Truly Miscellaneous Ice Cream…

NC Daytrip: Dogpatch in S.F.; Jan'13; Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous ice cream

Ian Flores and Annabelle Topacio

Ian Flores and Annabelle Topacio have pastry chef pedigree, opened Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous an Ice Cream Creamery in Dogpatch in the spring of 2010. Flores previously worked at Wolfgang Puck at Spago in Southern California and Maui and CUT in Beverly Hills. While Topacio  previously worked at Chez Panisse and Brickmaiden Breads. Now they run the light filled black and white decorated shop with vintage flare (sweets sold from large mason jars) is located on the corner of a 3rd street and 22nd street.

They serve a unique range of flavored organic ice cream, but they also have delicious  fresh cookies, caramels, toppings, cones and brittles. The toppings, cones, and syrups are homemade as well. If you’re not a fan of new ice cream flavors, they always have some classics (chocolate, vanilla, etc.) but if you like to experiment they have two groups of unique flavors. One is child-friendly with flavors ranging from White sesame, Candied Violet, PB &J. The second is more for adults (+21) with flavors like honey-wine (Ethiopian honey mead), Manhattan (inspired by their namesake cocktails), and ballpark (a mix of anchor steam beer, roasted peanuts, chocolate-covered pretzel). These two are not looking to have a signature flavor rather they want their customers to trust there will always be something you will like. So far, they have forced me to try new things because my previous flavors are rare on the chalk board. Below are some of my favorites:

Ice Cream:images

  • English Tea
  • Extra Coffee
  • Old Fashioned (a mix of Markers Mark and Cherries)
  • Dark Chocolate Sunday ( share with a friend)


  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Individually wrapped Carmel

Price: mr-and-mrs-miscellaneous

  • $1.00 to add a cone
  • $3.50 single scoop
  • $4.75 double scoop
  • $5.75 triple scoop
  • $6.50 Sunday
  • $14.99 (Quart)


  • Tues-Sat 11:30am – 6:00pm
  • Sunday 11:30 am – 5:00pm

Try Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous to compare it to other local ice cream creameries: Mission Hill, Mitchell’s, Br-Rite and Humphry Slocombe.I find Mr & Mrs. Miscellaneous near the top of my favorite local creameries. SF Weekly named Mr & Mrs. Miscellaneous as 2012’s Best Ice Cream, so just a heads up with summer right around the corner I doubt their line will be short!

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