Ways to Get Involved in Water Projects…… Amazing Water Efforts

Living Water International is a non-profit organization that shows you your potential impact on the environment from consumption of coffee and bottled water. It introduces the current water issues in Sub-Saharan Africa (40 billion hours of labor wasted each year in carrying water long distances). Their description of water on a Global Scale drives home issues that plague billions in the picture from the there website below.

The Pursuit of Water is a project that is focusing on worldwide social issues about water, gathering together the globe and bringing change through creative, innovative media. Providing a brief introduction of water issues, The Pursuit of Water, is a great gateway to becoming involved in water projects by connecting multiple water efforts across the globe. 

Water.org is an extremely powerful non-profit organization that not only introduces new water issues, but they have extensive practical solutions to implement against these issues. For instance, you can choose to become involved or donate to their micro-finance loan system that aid people living in impoverished regions with the financial burden of improving their water source. They have extensive media coverage of their work because of the celebrity (Matt Damon) who has become a spokesperson for them. They have an extreme goal that aims to aid in providing everyone in the world with clean water. 

The One Drop goal is to fight poverty by providing access to water and raising awareness among people and communities about the need for mobilization to make safe water accessible to all, in sufficient quantity, today, and tomorrow. One Drops’ approach is a tripod approach based on three complementary components: Technical, micro-finance, and social arts/popular education. Currently, they have active projects in Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, El Salvador and India.

Amman Imman: Water is Life is similar to Water.org and One Drop, but this non-profit began in 2006 by Ariane Kirtley (Fulbright scholar researching in Azawak, Niger). The program started by drilling wells then a partnership developed providing maintenance to the wells, and now it has expanded into a network of schools, food production, and development.  Improving health, education, lifestyle, and efficiency among the people of Niger. Now Amman Imman is focusing on helping other water projects in Africa, the next being Azawak of West Africa (goal is to develop 50 or more cases of life across Azawak). 

Charity: Water now has 3,962 water focused projects, and they have raised more than 20 million. The projects are located in Bangladesh,Bolivia, Cambodia, Central African Republic,Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nepal, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Uganda. They Connect with other groups to execute these wells and to promote further development of these regions by providing videos of the contamination. For example here is the footage from Kenya (http://www.charitywater.org/projects/fromthefield/kenya.php). If your interested in seeing the conditions of these nations water then pick a country that interests you and see how what is not shows on Discovery. You can take the bull by the horns with this organization and sponsor a water project and see the phases of development.

Relating these projects back to UC Berkeley Campus, the UC Berkeley students have begun an initiative to end the sale of plastic water bottles on campus. They have been able to remove the bottled water from all vending machines on campus, and sustainable water bottles are sold as a replacement forcing students, and faculty to reuse their water containers. 

Flow for the Love of Water

“One of the things that became immediately clear to me was that water is a truly unifying element. We all need it; we all want it and more than anything else in the world it is the one thing that connects us all,” said Irena Salina. Irena Salina director of Flow humanized international water politics by revealing the industry behind water, the discrepancies between public health and private interest unveil issues of scarcity, pollution/contamination, corporate profit and human suffering. Understanding different individual’s relationship with nature’s most critical resource, to encompass the global freshwater crisis.

FLOW chronicles the stories of people fight for their right to water:  following a community of concerned citizens in Michigan as they take on a corporate water-bottling plant; showing the massive protests of the Bolivian people against water privatization; and documenting simple technology implemented across India to cope with water shortages. You may think that China, Bolivia, India, and Lesotho are far away but the issues that each has mentioned hits close to home. The Case of Atrazine usage being banned in Switzerland and used in the United States so only a glimpse into indirect impacts on Freshwater. Atrazine has been proven to cause male frogs to become female ( sperm counts dwindle, and ovaries appear).